Summer cardigans 56-170 PDF Pattern & Tutorial


Easy and quickly sewn cardigans and boleros with all possibilities and combinations, that allows you to be even more creative!


Choose from many options and sew cardigans that fit most, both everyday and finer occasions.
Combine a summer cardigan with No limit dress and a pair of Play with me leggings for a complete outfit!


PDF file containing all pattern pieces.
1 file for printing on A4 sheets, 17 pages and
1 for printing on Letter sheets, 17 pages.
(A4 is most commonly used in Sweden).
Pattern pieces: Bolero front, bolero back, cardigan front, cardigan back, long sleeve, short sleeve, long puff sleeves, short puff sleeves.
PDF File containing sewing instructions with step-by-step photos and descriptions, 12 pages.
Only Swedish.
The instructions do not contain information on fabric requirement.


For kids 22-67″ tall/0m-16y


Bolero with long sleeves
Bolero with short sleeves
Bolero with long sleeve and light puff
Bolero with short sleeve and light puff
Cardigan with long sleeves
Cardigan with short sleeve
Cardigan with long sleeve and light puff
Cardigan with short sleeve and light puff
Options for fully open or closed with a button

Jersey, 95% cotton 5% lycra


Binding is sewn around the entire opening.
Sleeves are folded.

You can sew with a regular household machine, and/or use an overlock/serger and coverstitch.

Ribbing or interlock
Optional – button or band
Thread + Needle

Scissor or rotary cutter
Regular sewing machine, and/or serger+coverstitch
Marking pen
Pins or clips

Size chart

Download and print

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Click in the “actual size” box. To use the layers feature, click on “layer” in the left column, and then on the “eyes” next to each size.

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LAYER FEATURE in Adobe Reader
You can choose to print single sizes at a time, to not having to trace the pattern of the paper.
In Adobe reader, click on the “layer” on the left, and uncheck the sizes you don’t want to print by clicking the eye next to it.

MW patterns also offers optional seam allowance, which allows you to choose to include or exclude seam allowance.
The seam allowance is seen as a black dashed line around the pattern, where seam allowance should be added.

Note that the seam allowance feature is not found on the earliest patterns from MW patterns, where the patterns are excluding seam allowance.

Watch our YouTube video HERE on how to use the various layers.

The pattern files are designed not having to do the usual cutting off paper edges before gluing / taping them together.

Print, and overlap one page on top of the corresponding page, glue or tape them together, that’s it! More time left for sewing! 🙂

The pages contain lines as well as numbered pages with both a number and a letter to know which page to place where.
Start with the first page (the one with the measure box) and continue to the right, then start below the first page, further to the right and so on .. For image description we refer to Tutorials -Other.

That this is a product containing patterns and description in the form of PDF files. This is not a physical product.

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Hobbyist / individual company

The purchase of this pattern includes a license, which means that it is allowed to sew and sell garments made from this pattern.
This assumes that you are the owner of the pattern, that is, that you bought the pattern yourself, or alternatively received it as a gift from someone who did not keep any copy her/himself.
It is not allowed to use a third party for production, only for sewing and selling yourself (the owner of the pattern her/himself).


All patterns and descriptions are protected by copyright law. This means that it is forbidden to share / copy / sell the patterns or descriptions.
In the case of printed patterns, you as an owner can choose to sell your patterns, provided that you do not keep any copy for yourself. This does not apply to PDF patterns, which due to their nature cannot be resold.


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