Criss cross beanie 44-62 Printed pattern

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Make the coolest beanies that will make people look twice!

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Stand out from the crowd and sew cool criss cross beanies, people have certainly never seen anything like it. This beanie usually comes together with a bunch of nice compliments, even from strangers!

Our printed patterns are always without seam allowance.


  • A printed sewing pattern for sewing Criss cross beanie 44-62, which also includes a sewing description in PDF format.
  • The pattern is printed on white, heavier plain paper that does not break as easily as the traditionally used tissue paper.

44-62 (measure head circumference, sizes correspond from baby up to adult)


  • Regular fit with lacing
  • Slouchy fit with lacing
  • Simple beanie without lacing and regular fit
  • Simple beanie without lacing and Slouchy fit

Knit fabrics, including but not limited to:
Cotton lycra blends, about 5% stretch
Feel free to use any type of textile to lace your beanie. The lacing is solely ornamental so feel free to get creative!

Confident beginner

Fold the pleats inwards and sew with a cover stitch.
Dartings are sewn on top of the beanie. Grommets are attached (normally with pliers or hammer).

You can sew with a regular household machine, and/or use an overlock/serger and coverstitch.

Grommets 8-12, size 5-8mm
Lacing about 1-1.5 meters. Make strips from fabric or use other bands as lacing.
Thread + Needle

Scissor or rotary cutter
Regular sewing machine, and/or serger+coverstitch
Marking pen
Pins or clips

You can use so-called Swedish tracing paper, which is a non-woven, quite transparent, holds better than tissue paper and is environmentally friendly.
If you want your cut pattern pieces to last for a long time, you can use age-resistant construction plastic(info here). It is not environmentally friendly and can contain toxins, but it lasts a long time and is the easiest option when it comes to tracing, as it is completely transparent. In addition, you get a lot of plastic for the money.

Size chart

Fabric requirements

Hobbyist / individual company

The purchase of this pattern includes a license, which means that it is allowed to sew and sell garments made from this pattern.
This assumes that you are the owner of the pattern, that is, that you bought the pattern yourself, or alternatively received it as a gift from someone who did not keep any copy her/himself.
It is not allowed to use a third party for production, only for sewing and selling yourself (the owner of the pattern her/himself).


All patterns and descriptions are protected by copyright law. This means that it is forbidden to share / copy / sell the patterns or descriptions.
In the case of printed patterns, you as an owner can choose to sell your patterns, provided that you do not keep any copy for yourself. This does not apply to PDF patterns, which due to their nature cannot be resold.


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