Biker coverall 110-170 Printed paper pattern

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Make cool jumpsuits, that make people turn their heads to have another look (or to give you a compliment) 🙂

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The wait is over, finally you have new, larger sizes for the kids!
What separates this pattern from the old one, is that this features two back pieces instead of just one + a gusset. This is to improve mobility for the older childrens movements.
And, we have added side seam pockets!

110-170 (Measurements in centimetres and conversion chart to inches are included).

For kids 43-67″ tall/3y-16y

French terry with about 50% stretch.
Jersey with the same stretch amount works as well.


With a smart solution, the collar narrows down and follows the zipper all the way down to the crotch, also acting protection from the zipper.
The zipper is sewn together with the zipper protection (placket).

Unlike the first version for smaller children, this tutorial includes instructions for how to finish the collar without a raw edge on the wrong side of it. This is slightly harder, but you may still make it the old way if you’d prefer (and vice versa, sewing the old pattern the new way).
You may always find tutorials on our website, below ”Tutorials” in the main menu. Note that you need to be logged in in order to view all tutorials.

You can sew with a regular household machine, and/or use an overlock/serger and coverstitch.

French terry
Ribb fabric
Zipper, with closed end or cut-to-measure
Strips of stabilizing interfacing, about 2cm wide

Scissor or rotary cutter
Regular sewing machine, and/or serger+coverstitch
Marking pen
Pins or clips

Size chart

Fabric requirements

Hobbyist / individual company

The purchase of this pattern includes a license, which means that it is allowed to sew and sell garments made from this pattern.
This assumes that you are the owner of the pattern, that is, that you bought the pattern yourself, or alternatively received it as a gift from someone who did not keep any copy her/himself.
It is not allowed to use a third party for production, only for sewing and selling yourself (the owner of the pattern her/himself).


All patterns and descriptions are protected by copyright law. This means that it is forbidden to share / copy / sell the patterns or descriptions.
In the case of printed patterns, you as an owner can choose to sell your patterns, provided that you do not keep any copy for yourself. This does not apply to PDF patterns, which due to their nature cannot be resold.


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