Your choice sweatshirt woman 32-54 PDF Sewing pattern & Tutorial


A sweatshirt pattern with different collar options!


One of our most popular designs, comfortable, stylish sweaters with welt pockets and three different options on collars (with three different front pieces, one for each collar).

A whopping 12 sizes are included, from 32-54.


  • PDF files containing all pattern pieces.
    One file containing all the parts needed for all collar options, 24 pages,
    one pattern file for the roll neck option, 12 pages,
    One pattern file for the shawl neck, 14 pages,
    one pattern file for the biker collar, 17 pages.
    And the same number of files for printing on Letter sheets.
    (most commonly used only A4 in Sweden).
    Pattern pieces: Front piece for shawl neck, front piece for roll neck, front piece for biker collar, back piece, sleeve, sleeve cuff, waistband, shawl, roll neck, biker collar, pocket piece 1, pocket piece 2, fusible interfacing, flap.
  • PDF file containing sewing instructions with photos and descriptive text step-by-step, 10 pages.
    One English and one Swedish file.
    The instructions contains information about fabric requirements for each size.
    There is also a short video of how to sew the biker collar, on our YouTube channel HERE
  • News! Now a Projector file is also included!


  • Shawl neck
  • Roll neck
  • Biker collar
  • Welt pockets

French terry fabric or
Jersey, 95% cotton 5% lycra

Skill level
The welt pockets are on the other hand advanced skill level.

This is a very quick and easy sew, once you understand how to place the collars 🙂
The welt pockets are more difficult, but are carefully described how it is sewn with image and text.

You may use a regular sewing machine, or an overlock and coverstitch.

French terry fabric
Fusible interfacing (vlieseline)

Scissor or rotary cutter
Regular sewing machine and/or an overlock+coverstitch
Marking pen
Pins or clips

Size chart

Fabric requirements

Downloading and printing

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The pattern files are designed to avoid the usual cutting of paper edges before gluing/tapes them together.

Print, patch over a page on the corresponding page, glue or tape, finished! More time to sew! 🙂

The pages contain pass lines and numbered pages with numbers and letters to know which page to be placed where.
Start with the first page (the one with the test square) and continue to the right, and then start below the first page, further to the right, and so on.. For image caption, please refer to Tutorials -Other.

That this is a product containing patterns and description in the form of PDF files. This is not a physical product.

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Hobbyist / sole proprietorship
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It is not allowed to engage third parties for production.


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