Windward Violet kids 74-164 PDF Pattern & Tutorial


A tunic to love and wear every day.


This is the ultimate carry-every-day tunic that kids will love, as well as handy pockets to put in their favorite stuff!
Combine with a pair of Lithops leggings and you have fixed the child’s new favorite outfit.

A total of 16 sizes are included, from 74-164.

The pattern file is printed on A4 or Letter sheets, and contains 49 pages.

Along with that you also get PDF files with sewing instructions that contain photos and descriptive text step-by-step of 23 pages.
A description in Swedish and one in English.

The various options consist of princess seam, pockets, or a dress without details.

The difficulty of this pattern is assessed to be easy.


Practical PDF pattern with selectable, visible seam allowance

Now you never have to wonder if the pattern you have in front of you is with a seam allowance or not!
The PDF patterns show you both the stitch line and the seam allowance line directly on your printout.
The pattern feels easy to understand with a visible seam allowance!
But if you still prefer to add your own seam allowance, you can even remove it completely with just a click!

Descriptions that you understand

The instructions contain clear photos that are processed in Photoshop to achieve a professional result with bright and clear images.
Each picture describes the steps, with short and direct texts, for even more clarity.

Small business owners

All patterns are designed and created by ourselves, and all patterns undergo extensive test sewing to achieve the best fit, both by ourselves and by voluntary test seamstresses (usually customers to the company), and to obtain an overview of the customers’ own opinions and wishes, which we are very fond of.
We are constantly working to improve, develop and grow, both as individuals and as company.
It is our fine and faithful customers that make our work possible, and for that we thank you very much!

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Nedladdning och utskrift

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Click in the “real size” box. To use the layer function, click on “layer” in the left column, and then on the “eyes” next to each size.

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You can choose to print single sizes at a time to avoid drawing the pattern from the paper.
In Adobe reader, click on the “layer” on the left, and check the sizes you don’t want to print by clicking the eye next to it.

MW patterns also offers stitch seams that are in stock, which allows you to choose inclusive or exclusive stitch seams.
The seam moon is seen as a black dashed line around the pattern, where the seam moon should be.

Note that the seam allowance function is not found on the earliest patterns from MW patterns, where the patterns are excluding seam allowance.

Watch our YouTube video HERE on how to use the various layers.

The pattern files are designed to avoid the usual cutting of paper edges before gluing / taping them together.

Print, overlap a page on the corresponding page, glue or tape, done! More time left for sewing! 🙂

The pages contain pass lines as well as numbered pages with number and letter to know which page to sit where.
Start with the first page (the one with the control box) and continue to the right, then start below the first page, further to the right and so on .. For image description we refer to Tutorials -Other.

That this is a product containing patterns and description in the form of PDF files. This is not a physical product.

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It is not allowed to use a third party for production.


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In the case of printed patterns, you as an owner can choose to sell your patterns, provided that you do not keep a copy for yourself. This does not apply to PDF patterns, which due to their nature cannot be resold.